August 24, 2019

Why We Have Moved Our Website Back to Squarespace

I have been using Blocs 3 to manage my main website for about a year, and although it was very enjoyable experience, I have decided to move back to Squarespace. Being the biggest fan of Blocs app, I thought I should explain why I have done so.


It is not a secret that I am the biggest supporter of Blocs app. Blocs 3 is the most commonly used app on my MacBook, and I can’t imagine my personal and business life without it.

Blocs app is my favorite macOS app of all time.

At the same time, I have been using Squarespace web design platform since 2013, and I love it as much as Blocs. I have been managing my main website in Squarespace for many years, but last year, I wanted to change something. I wanted to do an experiment and run my main blog using just Blocs 3 without any CMS platforms.

Below are my main findings.

I loved the flexibility and unlimited customization of Blocs 3.

Ability to create almost any type of layout for any page gave me the freedom to make any post look precisely how I want.

It was easy to manage a blog in Blocs 3 without CMS.

As I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, managing a blog in Blocs 3 was very easy, even without any integrated CMS. I have utilized the duplicate feature a lot, and with the right planning in mind, I was able to create a seamless workflow for creating an posting new posts.

The performance of my website was better in Blocs than in Squarespace.

At one point, I have copied the whole website I had in Blocs using Squarespace. It allowed me to run some tests on loading speed, SEO scores, and so on. I was amazed by how much better my Blocs-made website performed compared to Squarespace.

People who prioritize the raw performance of a site above everything else should go with Blocs. A static website you can make in Blocs will outperform Squarespace (or any other web design platform) without any doubt.

In other words, I loved how my website looked and performed in Blocs, why on earth would I want to move it back to Squarespace?

These are the reasons why.

I want to keep up with Squarespace new features.

As many of you know, in addition to being a ‘Blocs Master’, I also consider myself a ‘Squarespace Master’. Even Squarespace themselves agrees with me on that. 😎 Up until recently, all of my websites were built and managed in Blocs app, so I lacked the opportunities to practice web design in Squarespace.

I want to help people with Squarespace websites.

Last year, I released the Space Master video course for Squarespace beginners. These days more people are asking me to help them with building Squarespace websites. I even brought back the option to book a 1-on-1 Training and Consulting session not only for Blocs app users but for Squarespace users as well. I need to have a Squarespace website to be able to help others.

New Squarespace 7.1 is out, and I want to master it.

Finally, Squarespace has recently released the newest version of its popular web design platform, Squarespace 7.1. I always like to try new things, so I didn’t hesitate to jump on the latest version and currently mastering it.

What is better, Blocs or Squarespace?

I have been asked many times about what web design platform I prefer, and my answer is still the same to this day: it depends.

Blocs app is the perfect tool to create static websites on a Mac. I am confident it is the best solution on the market for this purpose.

At the same time, Squarespace is the best tool to create stylish CMS-driven websites. Plus, I can edit my new Squarespace site from almost any browser, even in Safari on my iPad Pro running iPadOS 13.0 Beta.

An Opportunity to Master Squarespace

I build an average of four websites in Blocs app each month, mostly templates for Blocs 3. Therefore, I have many opportunities to master the Blocs app and its new features. Managing my main website in Squarespace will allow me to do the same with Squarespace.

I plan to improve my new Squarespace website a lot. I want to move, or at least copy all of the product pages from Course Master, Space Master, Blocs Templates, Blocs Master, and my other projects into my main Squarespace website. It will take time, but in the end, I want to build a centralized place for all of my content.

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