February 24, 2020

Welcome to New Version of Blocs Master Website

I am thrilled to finally share with you the new home for Blocs Master. This new website is going to be the center of everything Eldar and other Blocs users do to help you master your web design skills with our favorite web design tool, Blocs for Mac.

Blocs Master is the new home of Blocs Tutorials from Eldar.

If you have been following the Blocs Master for a while, you might remember that we had a few versions of the BlocsMaster.com website. There was a nice and simple dark original version, there was a more vibrant and light Blocs 3 version. There were also times, more recently, when the Blocs Master website was just a part of EldarGezalov.com.

Today, I am happy to announce that Blocs Master is going to be a separate website again, and instead of just a static simple website it was before, it is going to be a huge multi-purpose platform for Blocs users.

The Home for All Blocs Tutorials

If you are a Mastering Blocs 3 student, you know that at the moment all Blocs Master tutorials are hosted and accessed through my personal website (EldarGezalov.com). For the time being, this will continue to be the case, because manually moving over 300 pages with tutorials from one Squarespace website to another is not something I have time for right now.

Off-Topic: If you were asking, Yes! BlocsMaster.com website is based on Squarespace. In addition to being a Blocs Master, I am also an officially Authorized Trainer for Squarespace, and I love to use this platform for websites, which require the complex Content Management System, something Blocs is not designed to do yet.

At the same time, the new Blocs Master website will become a centralized home for all free Blocs tutorials I have ever created, making it much easier to access lots of free content I have produced for Blocs Community. In the future, I will also move the paid tutorials to BlocsMaster.com, but for now, you will be redirected to EldarGezalov.com to access the videos.

All Blocs Related News in One Place

The new Blog page on the Blocs Master website will become the best place to read the latest news and updates not just about the work I am personally doing with Blocs Tutorials and Blocs Templates, but also about everything that is happening in the rapidly growing Blocs Universe.

At the time of posting this announcement, I have moved just a couple of posts from my website’s blog page, but I am planning on bringing all recent news from other sources into this new centralized Blog.

In other words, the Blog page on this website is going to be ‘An Unofficial Blog of Blocs’. Saying that I am also want to be 100% clear that I am not related to the developers of Blocs app in any way. I am a regular Blocs user like you, who loves to create awesome stuff and help others do the same.

Personal and Group Training for Blocs

This website also includes the Training page, which will be dedicated to providing more direct and personal help to Blocs users who need it. I will personally carry out 1-on-1 training sessions.

I have been doing these sessions with Blocs and Squarespace users for a couple of years now, and to be honest, it is one of the most enjoyable parts of my work. Communicating with people directly allows me to maximize the efficiency of sharing my experience with others. I have created tutorials to help many people at once, but helping individuals is still one of my favorite tasks.

The new Blocs Master Training will grow this year as well. I am planning on hosting free webinars and live streams, where I will do my best to help as many people as possible by sharing my knowledge and expertise.

‘Built with Blocs’ Website Gallery

The new Blocs Master website and @BlocsMaster Twitter account will also be the home for the ‘Built with Blocs’ project. If you have never heard of it, ‘Built with Blocs’ is a collection of websites made by the regular Blocs users like you and me, which I created with a single purpose of inspiring other Blocs designers to build awesome websites and share them with the community.

I have a couple of hundreds of websites on record, with most of them published on the old ‘Built with Blocs’ page on my personal website. I will revisit each of the Blocs websites in the coming weeks and publish them to the new ‘Blocs Websites’ Gallery page on this website.

At the moment, there are just a few websites there, but I am going to add at least a hundred websites in the coming weeks.

Blocs Master / Templates Support Center

Recently, I have realized that I have never left an email answered in my life. I mean emails where people ask me to help with something. Even if I can’t help to solve a person’s problem, I will always reply.

Answering requests for help via email is what I am doing more than anything these days. It wouldn’t be a lie if I say that about 70% of my time is spent answering emails. Creating a huge collection of detailed tutorials has helped me to reduce the number of help requests, but still, most of the emails I get are from Blocs users.

The good news is, I am going to continue to answer all the emails I get from you. Just go to the Support page on this website (or contact page on EldarGezalov.com), and send me a message. I usually reply instantly, but if I am busy working on something, I will get back to you inside 1-2 days.

A Lot More Coming To Blocs Master

Everything I have shared with you today in this post is just the beginning for the new Blocs Master. I am already working on completely new content and functionality for this website. My goal is to make BlocsMaster.com the most valuable website for Blocs users, the center of everything that’s happening in the Blocs Universe.

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