September 3, 2019

Watch 20 New Free Tutorials Covering Menus in Blocs 3

I am happy to share with you the latest free update to the Mastering Blocs 3 course. The update includes 20 new videos covering everything you need to know about menus in Blocs 3, making it the biggest ever update I have released for Blocs Master.

Menu in Blocs 3 is a very popular topic. I get a lot of questions about menus and navigations, so I take making video tutorials on this subject very seriously.

Menu is one part of Blocs app, which has not seen a lot of updates in recent years, so I was hesitating to cover this topic in my monthly updates for Mastering Blocs 3. But, I thought that there is no need to postpone further covering this topic, so I have decided to do so in last month’s update.

The biggest update ever

This month’s update will include 21 new videos. If you login into your Blocs Master dashboard now, you will have access to 19 new videos. Two more detailed tutorials will be released in the coming weeks.

I have decided to post two videos separately because I will also share these videos with my audience on YouTube, and I want to film them properly with my face in the picture. (I look too tired for this now. πŸ˜…)

The full list of tutorials in this month’s update.

Menu – 1. Menu Basics in Blocs 3
Menu – 2. Menu Manager vs Manual Editing
Menu – 3. Creating Multiple Menus in Menu Manager
Menu – 4. Appearance Customization
Menu – 5. Adding Buttons to Navigation Menu
Menu – 6. Creating Dropdown Menus
Menu – 7. Appearance Customization of Dropdown Menus
Menu – 8. Adjusting the Special (Mobile) Menu
Menu – 9. Active Page Menu Link Customization
Menu – 10. Optimizing Menu for Mobile
Menu – 11. Creating Mega Menus in Blocs
Menu – 12. Hero and Sticky Navigations in Blocs 3
Menu – 13. Appearance Customization of Sticky Menu
Menu – 14. Combining Blocs to Create Scroll-In Menu
Menu – 15. Creating Image Sliders with Transparent Navigation
Menu – 16. Creating Image Headers with Transparent Navigation
Menu – 17. Appearance Customization of Toggle Icon
Menu – 18. Changing the Alignment of Toggle Icon
Menu – 19. Creating Double Menus in Blocs 3
Menu – 20. Building Multilingual Websites in Blocs 3

As you can see from the list above, the two videos I am going to release in coming weeks are about multilingual menus and vertical navigations. These are absolutely THE MOST requested videos from my students, and I was preparing to make these videos for a long time.

Free tutorial for everybody

As always, I am sharing one of the videos from the update with public. Take a look at a video below to learn how to adjust the style of sticky menus and navigations.

Blocs Master is the best resource for Blocs users

Thanks to this latest update, the Mastering Blocs 3 course now includes almost 150 detailed video tutorials about Blocs 3 and its features. It is by far the best resource to take your web design skills with Blocs to the next level.

I will release at least four more updates to this course before the end of the year. View the full list of tutorials and learn more about Blocs Master by visiting the page below.

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