February 12, 2020

Volt CMS for Blocs app – Review & Step by Step Tutorial

Volt CMS is the new Content Management System built specifically for Blocs app, a website builder for Mac, which allows you to create beautiful responsive websites without writing code.

Content Management System

First of all, if you don’t know what CMS is, it is a Content Management System, which allows us to make changes to our websites without opening the web design application on your computer. As you know, Blocs app can create stunning responsive websites without coding, but it only lets you build static websites. By integrating the Content Management System, we can make it super easy to edit Blocs websites for us and our clients.

Even though I have been using the Blocs app for a long time, I have never tried any of the officially supported CMS platforms available for it. There were different reasons for that, but to put it simply, I didn’t feel there was a solution worth trying. All of the CMS platforms were not developed specifically for Blocs, resulting in many compatibility issues I didn’t want to mess with myself.

A New CMS Solution from a Proven Developer

That has changed a few weeks ago. A developer BlocsAddons, who is also an active member of Blocs Community (with a username InStacks), has developed a new CMS platform just for Blocs websites called Volt CMS.

Simple Product with a Big Promise

Volt CMS doesn’t have lots of features and options at the moment, but I believe that the developer is doing a great job focusing on simplicity and core functionality. I would rather take a simple but solid product that delivers 100% on what it promises over a complex solution with hundreds of features which has lots of bugs and issues.

The developer has published a road map for the further development of Volt CMS, in which he promises to bring big improvements to the new content management system in the coming months. Among the biggest promises they have made are gallery improvements (masonry and slider layouts), ability to upload documents and other files directly from CMS, and most importantly the blogging functionality.

Volt CMS Discount

The developer has kindly provided me with a discount coupon of 10%, which I am happy to share with my audience. If you decide you might want to purchase Volt CMS, use the discount coupon VOLT-CMS-ROCKS at checkout to get 10% OFF. Keep in mind that this coupon is only valid until March 31st, 2020.

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