November 16, 2019

The Perfect Blocs Template for Food Bloggers

I am happy to announce the release of the Kitchen template, the perfect starting point for a cooking blog website built with Blocs 3, available for free to all existing members.

My life is very busy, and sometimes it means that I don’t have enough time to spend with my wife. I thought it would be cool to collaborate with her on a new template for Blocs, which will become the foundation for the new site I am building for her.

My wife likes to cook and share the recipes with her friends and family, so I thought it would be a great idea to create a cooking blog for her with one of my templates. Because I didn’t have something specific for this type of websites, I have decided to build a new template.

Please welcome the Kitchen template for Blocs 3, the perfect template for cooking blog.

Functionality and Simplicity

This website has all necessary pages and sections (requested by my wife), but at the same time, it has the same simple and stylish design I like to have in my templates. Among the features of this template is a fully customized MailChimp Signup from (which you can easily link to your MailChimp account), great looking sharing buttons, and many more.

I am still working on the new website for my wife, and it will have some of the features not available in Kitchen template, because I don’t want to use any paid brics in my templates. I will add Site Search brics to have a search functionality, use Image Overlay bric to create some cool looking thumbnails for the categories, etc.

Manual Management Required

Keep in mind that Kitchen template doesn’t have any CMS platform built-in. It means that if you are going to use this template, you will need to incorporate the CMS solution yourself, or manage the posts manually (like I am going to do for my wife’s website).

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