January 16, 2020

Starter Template is The Perfect Foundation for Any Blocs 3 Website

Today, I want to share with you the Starter template, a very special type of template for Blocs 3. It is the perfect starting point with all essential settings for any Blocs 3 project.

If you take a look at the demo for this template, you might not see anything special about it. But, this template comes with dozens of pre-adjusted classes, pre-applied settings, and other adjustments, which make it the perfect starting point for any Blocs 3 project.

No Content, No Style, But lots of Adjustments

This template doesn’t include any dummy content or specific style. I made it this way to make it easier for the user to just open it, add content and images, and publish.

I applied almost all essential settings, which I apply to all of my Blocs 3 projects. The only exception will be specific changes, which require a certain style adjustment. (For example, buttons don’t have background color adjusted in classes, so you need to apply them yourself using the global swatches).

The list of applied settings and adjustments:

– Fully Responsive navigation menu
– Responsive (breakpoint-specific) margins between links and other elements
– Cleaner typography, font sizes (H1, H2, H3, H4, p, a, etc) optimized for all breakpoints
– Adjusted (darken) color of the toggle icon (via code in Code Editor)
– Special navigation (sidebar) background menu applied and styled accordingly
– Footer with a responsive navigation menu (edit manually if needed)
– Fully customized contact form fields, typography, and effects
– Responsive page header blocs (font sizes and side padding)
– Customized Scroll to Target button
– Fully Responsive Column Width for Page Headers
– Fully Responsive Bloc Padding (per breakpoint, add padding class to new Blocs)
– Customized default button styles for glossy, clean, wire buttons
– Sticky navigation bar shadow removed
– Custom padding for navigation bar applied (varies per breakpoint)
– Disabled focus state blue shadow for form fields
– Default Project Settings adjusted
– Project Export settings adjusted
– Default Global Color Swatches Adjusted (just change the brand colors)
– Cleaner Alert message style applied

Perfect Time Saver I am Going to Use Myself

I plan to use this template myself when I will start new projects in Blocs 3. I believe it will save me a lot of time when building new websites, and just trying to remember all of the essential adjustments I need to make.

P.S. If you don’t like some of the changes I have made to this template, I recommend to make a few adjustments to make it your own.

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