December 4, 2019

New Video Series on Blocs Search Engine Optimization

In recent weeks, I have been doing a lot of research on website SEO, or search engine optimization, and today I am happy to share with you 12 new videos for the Mastering Blocs 3 video course.

I am releasing free video tutorials to my Blocs Master students every month, and this time around, I wanted to cover the Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is what we can do to help Google and other search engines to find our website and show it to people who are searching for different things online.

Weeks of Preparation for this Update

I am not an SEO specialist myself, so I have done a lot of research in recent weeks. Also, I have been doing a few things for my websites over the years, and I wanted to share these things with you.

I am releasing 12 new videos, which cover quite a lot, but there are a lot of other things we can do to improve the SEO performance of our website, which I am not going to talk about in my tutorials. For example, adding social sharing images, setting the canonical links, adding the robots.txt file, and so on. At the moment, to do things like this in Blocs we need to use external code, but hopefully, in the future version, we will have more built-in features, which will allow us to improve the SEO of our websites.

The list of videos for this month’s update:

SEO – 1. Summary and Basics
SEO – 2. Keyword Research
SEO – 3. Title and Meta Description
SEO – 4. Content Structure with Headings
SEO – 5. Image Optimization for SEO
SEO – 6. Page Links / URLs
SEO – 7. Building Backlinks
SEO – 8. Content Marketing
SEO – 9. Google Search Console
SEO – 10. Generating & Submitting a Sitemap
SEO – 11. Google Analytics
SEO – 12. Fixing Broken Links with .htaccess

Giving Back to the Community

As you know, almost every month I am sharing free video tutorials on my YouTube channel. This month I wanted to do more, so instead of just sharing one of the videos, I am going to share quite a few of them.

You can watch the first summary video below, but I recommend to subscribe on YouTube and stay tuned for many more in-depth videos on this and other related topics.

Search Engine Optimization is what ultimately will help people find your awesome websites, so make sure you invest enough time and effort into getting it right.

More to Come in 2019

I am already working on the next template for Blocs 3. I am going to name it Podcaster, and as I am sure you can guess from its name, it is designed to be used for Podcasting websites. Why Podcasts? Well, it feels like everybody is either talking about it or starting their podcast.

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