October 2, 2019

New Mastering Blocs 3 Videos Covering Forms

I am happy to announce that I have added 9 more detailed videos covering everything you need to know about using forms in Blocs 3 to the Mastering Blocs course.

Long story short, I am continuing to add more and more videos to Blocs Master. This time around it is all about using forms in Blocs 3.

Mastering Blocs 3 is already my biggest course ever. It has about 50 more videos compared to Blocs 2 Core Training (my previous most popular course). Also, I have covered almost all important topics of Blocs 3, so you don’t even need to go back to Blocs 2 courses to learn something, as everything is now available inside one Mastering Blocs 3 course.

This months update includes the following videos:

Form – 1. Basics for Using Forms in Blocs 3
Form – 2. Building Custom Form Layouts
Form – 3. Customizing the Style of Forms
Form – 4. Customizing Email Messages
Form – 5. Customizing the Appearance of Alerts
Form – 6. Removing Blue Shadow from Fields
Form – 7. Creating Success Pages for Forms
Form – 8. Mobile Optimization for Forms
Form – 9. Using Third Party Forms

Free Video for Everybody

Check out the video below to learn how to change the appearance of alert messages for forms in Blocs 3.

Alongside Blocs Templates, which are now fully rebuilt and optimized for Blocs 3, Mastering Blocs 3 course is the ultimate learning resource for the users of Blocs app. Even though I have added more than 130 videos to this course since it’s release, I am still selling it for the same price as on the first day, making it the incredible value.

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