September 27, 2019

Introducing the Product Template for Blocs

This week, I have added the Product template for Blocs 3, which means I have finally recreated all of the main Blocs 2 templates.

Product is not a complex template. It has a very simple structure and straightforward design, which make it very easy to edit and customize. Just edit several pre-styled classes and global color swatches and you get a completely different looking website design.

Product is the last template from Blocs 2 templates library, which I am recreating in Blocs 3. I took me almost a year, but I can finally say that I have rebuilt all 29 high-quality templates I had in Blocs Templates collection using the latest and greatest version of Blocs 3.

The full list of improvements:

– Much better tablet and mobile optimization
– Improved design for hero bloc
– Better looking fonts and general style
– Improved navigation menu on all breakpoints
– Customized Scroll to Top button
– New FAQ section bloc
– New Features / Intro section bloc
– Overall loading speed improvements
– Lots of bug fixes and small detail improvements

Big Decision on Blocs Templates

Many Blocs Templates members might not even think about it, but the decision to recreate all of the templates in Blocs 3 was a very big one for me. It required a concrete commitment and hundreds and hundreds of working hours.

Starting from the next week, I am going to work on the next template. I have asked my Twitter followers about what template they would like to see first, and the absolute majority picked the ‘Foundation’.

So, at the beginning of October, I will be releasing the Foundation template for Blocs 3.

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