December 12, 2019

Introducing the Podcaster Template for Blocs 3

Today, I am happy to share with you the newest template I have built for Blocs 3. Podcaster is a stylish template with a dark theme, designed for podcast websites.

Podcasting is more and more popular in recent years, so I thought it is time for me to build a Blocs 3 template for podcasting websites. To be honest, it is quite difficult to do that in Blocs app without using 3rd party extensions (ex) advanced audio players, etc), but I think that I was able to come up with a pretty good result.

Podcaster Template for Blocs 3

Introducing the Podcaster template for Blocs 3. I have opted for a darker theme this time, and the template turned out to be very stylish. Also, the purple point color I have chosen for this template looks cool when combined with dark grey/black colors.

As always, the Podcaster template comes in two versions: multi-page and single-page. Both versions have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to the user to choose which one to use for your website. The multi-page version has all of the required pages and sections modern Podcasting website would need.

I have also included a few user guide notes for this template, which I am going to share with you in this post as well.

Podcaster Template User Guide

Episode Notes Modal

To add a new Podcast episode, select the parent COLUMN with all the rows and cards, and duplicate it. After doing so, make sure to edit the ID of the Modal inside the card, and change the Toggle Modal ID to your new modal ID.

Custom Responsive Bloc Padding

I have created the custom class to apply responsive padding to most of the blocs. This is because on mobile devices I want the page to be more compact. If you want to use this class on new blocs you add yourself, make sure to add the same class.

Podcasting Platforms Links

In the footer area, I have manually created 6 big icons for most popular podcasting platforms. I have set all six of them to be linked to my website, so you need to edit the links to match your podcast URL. If you don’t need some of the links, you can delete them, but make sure to adjust the remanding columns to fit nicely on all breakpoints.

Blog Page

The blog page post grid has 9 posts, which are all linked to the same post page. When adding the new post, just duplicate the post Page, or use the Page Template I have created for Post to create a new page. If you want to learn more about blogging without CMS, check out the Blogging section of Mastering Blocs 3 course.

If you have any questions about this or any other template I have built for Blocs 3, please feel free to get in touch with me, and I will do my best to answer them for you.

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