November 1, 2019

Foundation is a Blocs Template for Non-Profit Organizations

Today, I am happy to announce the release of the newest template in Blocs Templates’s collection. Foundation is the perfect Blocs 3 template for foundation, charity, or any other non-profit organization website.

A couple of months ago, I have run a poll on the Blocs Templates Twitter account about what template Blocs Templates users would like to see next. The absolute majority of my followers have voted for the Foundation template.

So, today, I am happy to announce the release of the Foundation template for Blocs 3. It is a great-looking premium template for websites of foundations, charities, or any other non-profit organizations. It includes all of the basic pages needed for this type of website, such as a donation page, volunteer sign up page, news, events, projects, and others.

As always, this template is available in both single-page and multi-page versions, and it has all of the usual customizations I have been applying to my templates for Blocs 3, including things like custom alert styles, custom form fields and label designs, beautiful scroll to top button, etc.

Check the Foundation Template

The next template is almost ready

It took me a while to release the Foundation template, but I am already working on another template for Blocs 3. It is almost ready for a release, so expect it to be added to the collection in coming weeks (right after the Mastering Blocs 3 update).

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