Top 5 Paid Custom Brics for Blocs

Today, I want to share with you my video overview of the top 5 premium extensions (custom brics) for the visual website builder Blocs for Mac.

I have done a separate overview on all of the brics I am going to mention in this video. I will leave the links to these reviews next the the title of the bric.

Before we start, let me say one more time – we don’t really need any extensions for Blocs to build a website. But, it’s nice to know that if we want to have something different for our site, we can go to Blocs.Store and download these extensions

Image Overlay – Review

Image Overlay is a very simple bric, which lets us easily create images with overlay titles and buttons. It also has some cool looking animations we can add with just a couple of clicks. We cannot change the layout of this bric, but we can change the style of text, button, and overlay color using the classes.

Card Designer – Review

Card Designer is the perfect bric for people who find the Image Overlay bric too limited. I am not one of these people, as Image Overlay is more than enough for my needs, but if you want to create some very cool hover effects for your images, or you want to have cool animated cards on your website, Card Designer is a very good option for you.

Page Transition – Review

Next is Page Transition bric. It is very easy to use, and although we don’t have lots of options, this bric allows you to create some cool custom transition effects for our pages.

Volt CMS – Review

The next bric on my top 5 list is Volt CMS. It is more expensive than all other brics on this list combined, but it is a much more than just a simple extension. It is a content management system, which allows you to make portions of your Blocs website editable from any computer, even smartphone. Volt CMS is the only CMS platform on the market, which was developed specifically for Blocs app.

Site Search – Review

Finally, we have the Site Search. Blocs app doesn’t support any type of database out of the box, so an ability to add a fully functional, very easy to setup and quite pleasant to use Search Function for our Blocs website is amazing. You can customize the appearance of the search box and search results field using the custom classes, and the results you get when you search for something on your website appearing almost in real-time.

So, here it is – my top 5 premium custom brics for Blocs app. If you find this video helpful, please like it and considering subscribing to my channel.