Share Your Blocs Website

We have been publishing websites built with Blocs to our new Gallery section of Blocs Master website, and now we are happy to accept new submissions.

Built with Blocs Gallery Purpose

I have created Built with Blocs project a few years ago. At first, it was a separate website, then it was part of my personal website, and now it has been moved to the new Blocs Master website you are currently on. From any part of this website, you can go to the ‘Gallery’ page in the main navigation, and check out some of the best work from other Blocs users.

The collection of websites in the Gallery doesn’t only include the best work of Blocs designers. It also includes the work of complete beginners, making it easier for you to see what users with different levels of expertise can build using this visual web design tool.

The purpose of Built with Blocs gallery has been always the same – to inspire new and old Blocs designers to create awesome websites.

Share Your Website with the World

I have already posted some of the websites to the Gallery page, and I will continue to do so in the coming months. Regardless of whatever you are a new Blocs user or not, you can go to Built with Blocs gallery page and submit your website to be included on the page.

I am planning to post all Blocs website submissions I get. I still have a couple dozens of websites to upload, but if you have previously submitted your website to Built with Blocs, and can’t see it on the page, you can submit it again, and I will make sure that it is uploaded very soon.

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