Hotel Template for Blocs

After a short delay, I am thrilled to share with you the new premium template for Blocs 3. Hotel is a new beautiful template with support for multiple languages.

The world is in a difficult moment due to the Coronavirus pandemic and obviously, not many people are traveling. That being said, hotels are still a very important part of the world’s economy, and having a great looking website is now important more than ever.

Blocs is a perfect tool to create a simple and beautiful website, but it can be challenging to make an easy to navigate multilingual website. For the past few weeks, I have researched some of the best hotel website designs, and come up with a new template for Blocs 3. I call it ‘Hotel’, and it is available to all current Blocs Template members for free.

Fully Customized Design and Layout

Like all other templates we offer, the Hotel template has a fully custom design and unique style. It has all of the essential pages of hotel websites (home landing page, about hotel page, gallery and contact pages, services and amenities page, room list and room single pages), and its menu induces the ‘Book Now’ button, which you should link to the booking platform like, Expedia, or others.

I have optimized every single element of this template to look great on all devices, so I recommend to utilize the duplicate feature to persevere the optimizations. So, if you want to create a piece of content, select the bloc you like, and use Command + D to duplicate it.

Bilingual / Multilingual template

By default, it comes with two languages, English and Spanish, but you can easily add more languages if you want. To do so, don’t forget to create a new menu in the Menu Manager, and link it to the new pages (which you should create by duplicating the existing ones).

When creating a multilingual website in Blocs, it is important to remember that links and navigation are not automatically changed. So, you need to manually check every single link and image (with interaction assigned) to make sure that the connected page has the right language. I recommend checking my free tutorial on building a multilingual website in Blocs to understand how I have built the multilingual structure in the Hotel template.

If you need help, I am here

Building a multilingual website in Blocs is not easy, I understand that. So, if you have any questions or need help with anything, please feel free to get in touch with me. I will do my best to provide you all the necessary support you might need.

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