How to Use Modals in Blocs 3

The new built-in modal bric allows Blocs 3 users to add pop-up windows to their websites without writing any code. Check out the video overview of this bric.

Blocs 3 is already one of the best web design tools on the market for people who don’t know how to code but want to build beautiful and fully customizable websites. I have been helping thousands of people to do that with my templates and online video courses for Blocs, but there were always several things Blocs was unable to do out of the box.

Easy Way to Create Pop-up Windows

One of these things was adding modals. I have always wished that Blocs would allow me to create pop-up windows without using 3rd party code. Thanks to the new Modal bric, now we can finally do that. If you haven’t already, check out the video overview of this new default Bric above.

Although I think that modals are over overused, these are definitely helpful in situations when you want to declutter your webpage design by hiding forms, videos, and other elements, which can be made visible on click. I am using the same technique on my Contact page (although, it is created using Squarespace, not Blocs).

Many Great Brics Are Coming

Another thing I wish Blocs websites would allow me to do was a built-in website search functionality. As you might already know, it is also now possible thanks to the new Site Search bric. You can read more and download this Bric to your computer here.

Modals and Site Search are just a couple examples of great new brics coming to the Blocs Store. Currently, I am working on a new video/blog post about my favorite brics from Blocs Store you can install today. Stay tuned, it’s coming very soon.