Card Designer for Blocs – Review

Today, I want to share with you my review of the most powerful little bric from Blocs Store. Card Designer is the ultimate tool for creation of beautiful and stylish cards in Blocs.

Blocs app can build websites out of the box. You can check some of my Blocs Templates or websites in the Built with Blocs Gallery. Most of the websites there were built using the default tools we have in Blocs 3. Unlike other similar apps, you don’t need to use any plugins or stacks to make a beautiful website.

But, of course, there are times when we want to have some deeper level of customization for elements like Cards. Enter the Card Designer, available for purchase from the Blocs Store, a cool place to find many free and premium add-ons for Blocs.

The sophisticated card UI add-on for Blocs

Card Designer is the perfect add-on for people who use Blocs and who need more customization and animation effects in Cards. I use the Image Overlay Bric on Blocs Templates website, and it works great, but if I wanted to have a more unique design, it would be very difficult to do with image overlay bric. It’s much easier with the Card Designer.

Card Designer is the most complex custom bric you can now install in Blocs 3. It has many options and layout combinations you can experiment with to get the look you want for your cards.

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