February 18, 2020

Blocs Template for Small Restaurants and Cafes

Today, I am happy to share with you another new template for visual web design builder Blocs 3. Ramen is a stylish minimalistic template for websites of small restaurants and cafes.

I like Ramen. It might a bit stupid to name for a professional website template, but that’s something I do time to time. Forgive me. 😁

If you have been following my blog or Blocs Templates updates recently, you probably already know that I have just released a new premium template for Blocs 3 called Church. The night I released it, my wife cooked me a super delicious home-made Korean ramen, and it inspired me to create a new template for small restaurants and cafes, which might be serving ramen or other similar types of food.

Although there is already a Blocs template called Restaurant, I always wanted to create something simpler for small restaurants and cafes. I think that with Ramen template, I have done exactly what I have envisioned – a very stylish and cool looking template with a minimalistic design. To be honest, it’s one of my favorite templates for Blocs.

Dark and Light Versions

I have built the Ramen template using the Dark theme from the beginning. I think it looks super cool and stylish, but if you prefer to use a light theme, I have created the second version of the Ramen template in white. The Light version also has a number of additional classes for special navigation links and menu backgrounds.

While I offer two color versions of the Ramen template, I have decided against creating a single-page version this time, which I regularly do for most of my templates. If you would like to use a single-page version of the Ramen template, let me know, and I might come up with the third version of this beautiful template for one-paged websites.

Perfectly Optimized for Mobile Design

I do my best to create perfectly optimized designs for all of my templates on Blocs Templates, and this time around it’s no different. The more I use Blocs 3, the more I am amazed by the fantastic tools it provides to make my websites look great on all devices. 

Column Width and Offset settings, in combination with a couple of Custom Classes, allow me to create an amazing looking site for all four supported breakpoints. It’s the same story for navigation, as well as for all other sections.


I call Ramen template the minimalistic template, but what you see it’s not everything there is. Ramen template comes with a lot list of customizations and adjustments made under the hood, making this template one of my most customized/optimized templates to date.

Below are just some of the adjustments and customizations I made for this template.

Ramen Template Release Notes

– Dark and Light themes with all necessary adjustments of fonts and colors
– Active page links design created
– Custom navigation button created
– Fully responsive multi-column Menu page
– Scroll Effects applied across different pages and elements
– Animated Story page cool image and text layouts
– Location Page with embedded Google Map widget
– Reservations page with custom reservation form
– Fully Responsive navigation menu
– Responsive margins between links and other elements
– Cleaner typography, font sizes optimized for all breakpoints
– Adjusted color of the toggle icon (via code in Code Editor)
– Special navigation background menu applied and styled
– Footer with a responsive navigation menu
– Fully customized contact form fields, typography, and effects
– Responsive page header blocs (font sizes and side padding)
– Customized Scroll to Target button
– Fully Responsive Column Width for Page Headers
– Fully Responsive Bloc Padding (per breakpoint)
– Customized button styles for wire and regular styles
– Disabled focus state blue shadow and white background for form fields
– Default Project Settings adjusted
– Default global color swatches adjusted (just change the brand colors)
– Cleaner alert message style applied
– Navigation toggle alignment adjusted
– Bigger size for large modal in Image Lightboxes
– Custom design for navigation arrows in Image Lightboxes

Lots More To Come

There are already 38 high-quality templates for Blocs 3, and I am not going to stop there. There are at least 6 new templates in the works, which I can’t wait to finish and share with my awesome Blocs Templates members.

By the way, did you know that Blocs Templates has been around for more than three and a half years, and the first person who has purchased the membership has received 63 new templates in multiple variations, free of charge. If you haven’t already, go check the Blocs Templates websites right now.

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