October 7, 2019

Blocs 3.4 is out, Check What’s New

The developers of Blocs app have released a new major update to its amazing visual website builder app for Mac.

The Development Team at Cazoobi, the company behind the Blocs app (official website), has officially released a new version of our favorite web design tool for Mac. The new version is packed with new features and fixes. Check the full release notes below.

What’s New in Blocs 3.4

  • Notarized Blocs ready for Mac OS Catalina.

  • Added support for embedded project assets.

  • Added bulk asset embed option for older Blocs projects.

  • Added project packager.

  • Added ability to set the width of the left sidebar.

  • Updated and modernized Blocs file format (not backwards compatible).

  • Added support to quickly align text on all breakpoints.

  • Added support to quickly remove all text formatting.

  • Improved UX for Class Editor background image, now users Asset Manager – (drag Image to well in Class Editor).

  • Improved UX for Favicon and Logo image selection, now opens Asset Manager to select image.

  • Added delete button to Page Navigator pages.

  • Improved performance of adding new assets.

  • Added support for showing assets with long file names. Mouse over asset title within Asset Manager.

  • Added resize cursor when dragging preview resize handle.

  • When a page is selected via the dropdown page selector, the sidebar page navigator now scrolls to the new page selection automatically.

  • Empty image alt tags are now automatically populated upon export to help with SEO and to address WC3 validation errors.

  • Assets added via page templates and custom Blocs now show in the Asset Manager.

  • Added ability to reset favicon and logo in project options.

  • Added support to double click window frame to fill screen.

  • Installed custom Brics are now scanned for updates in the background, every day.

  • Extension manager Bric update check is now run on a background thread for better performance.

  • Added new contextual menu to Global swatches for quicker actions.

  • The Class Editor now resets its state when loading new classes or when reopening.

  • Improved dark mode segmented control UI on Mojave and Catalina.

  • Global swatch names are now displayed in the swatch color well.

  • Added multi-line labels for custom Brics – Bric Builder.

  • Added ability to duplicate UI items in the Bric Builder interface layer tree. Right click to access.

  • Add ability to duplicate custom Bric in Bric builder – Right Click.

  • Added Tooltips, animation and scrollFX support for custom Brics.

  • Added clear image button to Custom Bric Image Well.

  • Added support for short codes to be used in custom Bric template files.

  • Added new API call to hide custom Bric sidebar UI items.

  • Added numerical stepper fields for custom Brics – Bric Builder.

  • Added horizontal and vertical alignment control for custom Brics – Bric Builder.

  • Added text alignment controls for custom Brics – Bric Builder.

  • When adding a new UI item in the Bric builder it is now inserted directly below the currently selected one.

  • Removed redundant JS code that caused double animation in Safari – (no longer required).

What Has Been Fixed

  • Fixed issue that prevented the first Bloc in a project from being selected when a project is first opened and top global area is visible but contains no Blocs.

  • Fixed issue that left Bric ID of duplicated item on layer tree layer.

  • Fixed issue that prevented duplicated Bric from being selected on design canvas after being duplicated.

  • Fixed issue that caused duplicate Bric ID’s on children within duplicated item.

  • Fixed startup glitch when new template started and no page templates stored.

  • Fixed export issue with hosted download interaction files.

  • Fixed issue that caused duplicate missing asset entires in Missing Asset Manager.

  • Fixed issue that prevented assets on external drives from being dragged from the Asset Manager to the Blocs Design Canvas.

  • Fixed issue that caused empty asset directories to be left in export.

  • Fixed issue with dragging favicon image from Asset Manager to project settings favicon slot.

  • Fixed issue that prevented adding SVG assets by dragging them from finder onto the Asset Manager.

  • Fixed issue that caused duplicate background classes when dragging core assets to bloc backgrounds.

  • Fixed issue that caused assets stored on external drives with special characters in the path name to not sure within the Asset Manager.

  • Fixed multiple issues with duplicating pages.

  • Fixed issue with new page sheet not showing sidebar options under specific conditions.

  • Fixed issue that caused missing logo and favicon warning if assets are set to core images and created on another Mac.

  • Fixed issue with duplicating Blocs on same page – Caused unwanted empty white space.

  • Fixed issue with color picker eye dropper on MacOS Catalina.

  • Fixed issue that prevented asset loading in MacOS Catalina.

  • Fixed issue that caused custom class images to go missing when asset is embedded or loaded from external drive and class at that breakpoint is edited.

  • Fixed issue with pinch zooming the design canvas on trackpad.

  • Fixed issue that forced open windows to require additional clicks to interact with UI.

  • Fixed issue that caused app to randomly freeze when inputing text in text fields.

  • Fixed issue with scrollFX coming in from left when only fade out is used.

  • Fixed issue that showed wrong padding values for Blocs in design mode at the SM breakpoint.

  • Fixed issue that caused page selector dropdown settings button to have a background colour that is the wrong shade.

  • Fixed issue that caused project title text to be slightly cropped on start screen.

  • Fixed issue that showed sidebar delete trash button on elements that can not be deleted.

  • Fixed issue with global swatch settings for icons not displaying correctly in sidebar.

  • Fixed crash when changing custom Bric multi res images.

  • Fixed issue that cause embedded assets to be included in a package export.

  • Fixed issue that caused Custom Bric template files to not be included on every page when located in a global area.

  • Fixed issue that prevented custom bric attachments being moved to project attachments when dragged between global and dynamic zones.

  • Fixed issue that prevented a custom Bric Template value being used for multiple template files.

  • Fixed issue that prevented layer tree in Bric builder showing title changes.

  • Fixed issue with centering canvas when left sidebar is hidden.

  • Fixed issue that caused touchSwipe resources to be added to page when not required.

  • Fixed issue that caused text within spans to be un-selectable.

  • Fixed issue that prevented selecting the parent text Bric when a span is selected within that Bric and is being edited.

  • Fixed issue that causes classes with similar names to be lost when saving page templates and custom Blocs.

  • Fixed issue that caused breakpoints to break when scroll bars are forced at OS level.

  • Fixed issue that caused custom Bric dividers to be the wrong color.

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